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LIFE more abundant than life?
Jesus said: “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

Everyone whose heart is beating and lungs breathing has a basic kind of life, but Jesus came to give a life of something “more.” We all recognize the yearning for more than a common daily life. And, most of us sense that the accumulation of things and a focus on personal pleasures is temporary at best. Could it be that Jesus is offering “LIFE” (with CAPTAL letters) to a world that is stuck, and too often content, with “life” with small letters?

We are convinced from our continuing study of the Bible that there are four basic dimensions of living that all people experience. And we experience them consciously and unconsciously; intentionally and unintentionally. God has created each of us to be and do four basic things.

God has made us to be Learners. We are born learning; and while interest may ebb and flow, our brain and our heart continues to process and evaluate the world around us every moment of every day. The issue is not whether we will be learners or not, but what and from whom do we choose to learn.

God made us to Idolize something. We all are prone to hold something supreme, to value something; yes, to worship something or someone. Commonly, what we idolize changes from time to time as we search for the most satisfying things to hold supreme. The issue is not whether or not we value something very highly, but what or who it is we idolize.

God made us to seek Friendship. We seek associations and companionship; relationships in which to love and be loved, to care and be cared for. Sadly, the friendships we develop are often the worst disappointments and heartaches of our lives. The issue is not simply that friendship is a key part of being human, but the real question is how and with whom do we build our friendships.

God made us to Share what we like. Whenever we find something we really like we are anxious to share it with others. Everyone likes to share what they learn and idolize with others. The issue is that the greater the value of the thing shared, the greater the benefit to both the one listening and the one telling.

Realizing that what we learn, what we idolize, the nature of our friendships, and how we share these things is foundational to our lives, it is significant that Jesus said He came to bring an “abundance” to them.

If Jesus came to free and enable us to learn the things He knows, to love the things He loves, to have the friendships He has, and to share this amazing “LIFE” with others, how could we be content to live “life” on a lower plain? How could we be content with the “life” the world lives when God offers us His “LIFE”?

Jesus said He came that we may “have LIFE.” He did not expect or ask us to earn it or deserve it for He knew that is impossible. He simply, and profoundly requires that we believe what He says about Himself, ourselves, and the sacrificial remedy He gave for our transformation from “life” (which the Bible calls “death”) to “LIFE.”

Discovering the abundance of this LIFE is the adventure Jesus has given us. We invite you to “Have LIFE” with us.

Listen here to why we love this adventure!

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