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Middleton Baptist Church
Who Are We?

Jesus said He “came that we might Have LIFE and have it abundantly.” He didn't mean we will necessarily be rich or experience only good things. It means that life with Jesus will be a real adventure. We believe that in spite of all the bad news in the world around us there is Good News worth living and sharing.  We are ordinary people, with problems, hopes and dreams just like everyone else. We are old, young, working, retired, and unemployed. We laugh and cry, sing, visit, play, dress up and dress down. We explore the Bible and life. We have loved the people of our community for more than 100 years and sincerely want to learn to love them even better.  We hope that while you come as a guest, you will soon feel like a friend. We think this LIFE is The Adventure.

Listen here to why we love this adventure!

Church Phone: (208) 585-2787
108 E 1st St. Middleton, ID 83644
(Behind Subway)