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"PIT STOP" is a place and time to take a break,
reevaluate our lives,
explore together and
encourage one another in
how we might live more abundantly.
Everyone is welcome.

What goes on at “Pit Stop”?
People arrive a little before 7:00 p.m.
Tables seating from 4 to 6 people are spaced around the room.
You can sit wherever and with whomever you choose.
We do encourage people to sit with different people in order to make new friends.
Water, coffee and tea, cookies, popcorn, etc. is available for snacking.
At 7:00 we welcome everyone and have a brief ice breaker
to help people get to know more about the people at their table.
The specific content varies from week to week,
but we show a video that prompts our discussion of various life issues.
After the video we give some questions that help begin discussions of the evening topic.
We often refer to a Bible verse that addresses the topic of our discussion.
Anyone is welcome to stick around and visit for awhile if they like,
but we want to honor people’s time and let them go by 8:30.

Is “Pit Stop” Religious?
If by “religious” you mean an event meant to push God on people, then no. If by “religious” you mean exploring our common questions and interests in the part God plays in our human experience then yes. Anyone of any religious viewpoint is welcome. The only restriction we have is that we all treat each other with courtesy and respect. We are not here to argue but to explore this fast-paced challenging life we all live.

Who sponsors “Pit Stop”?
Middleton Baptist Church hosts “Pit Stop”.
We want everyone to feel welcome. Everyone is free to share their personal perspectives. We believe that almost everyone can sense that there is more to life than simply going through the motions of daily living. We believe that God offers His LIFE in the midst of life to all people.

What does “Pit Stop” Cost?
“Pit Stop” is free to everyone.

Do I need to bring anything?
Just bring yourself and a curious, humble and hungry heart. And, if you benefit from your time with “Pit Stop” you should invite a friend to come along with you the next time you come.

Pit Stop meets in Adventure Plaza - 113 E Main St. Middleton
7:00 pm Thursday evenings. Call 965-6056