We believe the Bible (Old and New Testaments) is God's story to and about us. God gave and preserves it so accurately that we can trust it to guide all that we believe and do today.
We believe there is
one God. He created and rules all things. He describes Himself throughout the Bible as three distinct persons.
We believe that
God The Father is The Supreme spiritual being who is perfectly holy, loving and faithful. He hears our prayer and rescues from sin all who come to Him through Jesus Christ.
We believe God became one of us as
Jesus Christ. With God as His Father and Mary as His mother Jesus was miraculously born. Jesus never sinned and is thus qualified to be the perfect sacrifice for our sin. His crucifixion and resurrection makes forgiveness of our sin possible. Jesus demonstrated His Deity in both words and actions. Jesus is in Heaven as God and has promised to return to earth to gather His people to be with Him forever. 

We believe the
Holy Spirit is God. His nature and behavior demonstrate His Deity. He works to glorify Jesus Christ as He convicts individuals of their sin. The Holy Spirit empowers new Life to believers as He lives in them and helps then grow as servants of God and others.

We believe God created
mankind with a nature that is capable of having fellowship with Himself. He created us free from sin with the capacity to choose between good and evil. Because of the sin of Adam and Eve all of us by nature and by choice are sinful and spiritually separated from God. Our collective and individual rebellion is the reason for all evil and suffering in the world. Our selfish pride is what keeps us from recognizing and receiving God’s provision of Jesus as our only hope of a restored perfect relationship with God.

We believe
salvation from sin is impossible on our own but is a gift from God. We receive this gift by believing what God says in the Bible about Himself and ourselves. In believing we repent of our sin and receive what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. We demonstrate the genuineness of our belief by what we do in obedience to what God says in the Bible.

We believe water B
aptism and the Lord’s Supper are primary ways that God has instructed us to remind ourselves and demonstrate to others that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation of our eternal relationship with God.

We believe that
The True Church is one spiritual body consisting of all genuine believers in Jesus Christ. This One Body manifests itself in local churches in which every follower of Jesus Christ is responsible to faithfully participate.

We believe in the reality of
Satan who is the spiritual leader of all opposition to God and His followers.

We believe everyone will be
resurrected to live forever. Believers will live forever in fellowship with God. Non-believers will live, as they have chosen, in eternal separation from God.