Adventure Plaza

Jesus said He came: "that we might have LIFE and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)
If He meant a life of worldly comfort, material prosperity, adrenalin rushes, and trouble-free living then not many people have it. We believe Jesus meant something very different. Surely He meant something more.
We are on the ADVENTURE of discovering what that ABUNDANT LIFE really is.

We hope that in your use of the Adventure Plaza you sense the great love that God has for you. We will be praying specifically for your group as you prepare for and use the Adventure Plaza. We will pray for you to have a fun, productive, safe and meaningful time. For this reason we ask for a brief description of what you want to do and who, by name, is leading your event.

To help you best understand our motive and purpose for the Adventure Plaza we ask that you listen to our Pastor Neil Evans as he briefly shares “
Bucket List Adventure” — “Bad News, Good News” and "God's Story" here on our website, or on a free CD if you prefer.

The Adventure Plaza belongs to Middleton Baptist Church. We use it primarily for various church activities. Part of our purpose is to let other groups use the Adventure Plaza for their activities.

We let others use the Adventure Plaza on a discretionary basis. We are glad to consider letting the building be used for things that contribute to people experiencing the LIFE that God offers.

The Adventure Plaza is NOT for rent. It is offered for use free of charge. The Plaza is NOT available for commercial (money making) activites. Donations to “Middleton Baptist Church” are appreciated. It is our desire that it be used with appreciation and thanksgiving to God for providing this very nice facility.

Every use of the Adventure Plaza will be in recognition that everything taking place in the Plaza is to bring Honor to the God to Whom it belongs. We appreciate users leaving the building in a condition as good or better than they found it.

The use of the Adventure Plaza will be determined solely by the leadership of Middleton Baptist Church. Requests for the use of the Adventure Plaza must be directed to those leaders and approved and scheduled by them.

Activities of Middleton Baptist Church have priority use of the Adventure Plaza. However, once on the schedule, other activities will very rarely be bumped.

Adventure Plaza use instructions:

Fill out the clean-up checklist. (extra checklists on kitchen wall.)

Treat the building with respect and leave it in the same condition that you found it.

Please clean everything thoroughly.

Bring your own table settings, table cloths, food, etc.

Restroom supplies are under the sinks in each restroom.

No smoking or alcohol in the Plaza

- use tables and chairs as needed.
- small square tables are very heavy - don’t slide on floor - lift and move! (two people)
- use only masking tape to put things on walls. (prior approval for any thing else)
- put nothing on windows.
- use PA or projector or TV only by prior arrangement.

Please fill out the following form: (Even if you have used it before)

Brief description of desired use:

Group Name:

Name(s) of leaders:
Phone #'s

Date and time you would like to use the Plaza:
Date: ______________________
Time: ______________________

I have read the above information, will follow the Adventure Plaza Use Instructions and will listen to the included CD.

Name: ______________________
Date: ______________________

There are more and more people interested in using the Adventure Plaza so it is important to plan ahead. Look at the Adventure Calendar page to see the regular use schedule. Then email or call to discuss your particular interest in using our Adventure Plaza.